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    Camp Harvest Instructional Descriptions 2014 (Junior High Only)

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    • Each junior high camper will participate in one instructional for the week. The instructionals are about one hour in length each day and run for four days. We encourage campers to try something that they may not get the opportunity to do at home (i.e. canoeing). 
    • Instructionals are rated according to difficulty **** being the most strenuous and * is very easy. 
    • Classes have size limits. When a class is full it will no longer be available. Classes will fill on a first come, first serve basis. If a class doesn’t meet the minimum number required the class may be canceled. We will notify you if that happens. 

    Canoe/Kayak ****
    Learn the basics of canoeing including the names of all parts of a canoe. Each day you will launch your canoe into the beautiful Croton Lake and have an amazing time while attaining a new skill. Campers will also learn the basics of river kayaking in this exhilarating and challenging class. Students will have opportunities to explore different areas of Lake Croton.

    GPS/Outdoor Survival ***
    Could you survive in the wilderness? This hands-on and challenging class is always a Camp Harvest favorite and will most likely fill up soon. Class members will also learn global positioning using the standard method of orienteering as well as the modern technology used today. Campers will be required to hike through some difficult forested areas. Campers will experience a special wilderness tent overnighter. (Male and Female supervision will be provided for overnight.)

    Archery/Target Shooting **
    Archery is always a big hit at Camp Harvest. It might be the beautiful area designated for the archery range or the state of the art equipment, but whatever the reason, these classes always fill up.  This classic summer camp program also offers a chance to practice concentration, coordination, and calm deliberation. Target shooting is a sport that demands attention to detail, both for safety and to do well with our FPS-200 Air Soft rifles that fire foam pellets. Safety and range procedure are emphasized and followed carefully.  

    Photography *
    Bring your digital camera (or borrow one of ours) and take some fun shots. This class will teach you how to edit your photos and create interesting images with your pictures. Students can print out their favorites to take home.

    Crafts *

    This is guaranteed to be a fun and interesting class with projects that are worth the effort. Details of this class are still to be determined.   

    Cooking *
    Are you the next Top Chef? Do you love watching the Food Network? Would you like to learn how to make some great recipes? This class is for you. You even get to eat what you make.

    Art/Music *
    Has God wired you to love the arts? Want to have an opportunity to improve your artistic techniques? Sign up for this exciting new instructional. If you play an instrument, bring it with you to camp.

    Geo Caching*
    Is there a little Indiana Jones inside you?  Do you like to search for hidden treasure, or find different locations using a compass? Geo Caching will take you throughout Camp Harvest on an adventure.

    Sports/Biking **
    If you love being active and playing sports, this class is for you. You will learn about and participate in a variety of sports throughout your time at camp.

    Movie Making *
    Are you the next great movie director or producer? Have you made your own movies? Want to learn what makes a movie great? Get ready for an amazing week of learning about and making a movie.


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